To get started scanning in the BIC, please read carefully and submit an application to


The number of magnetic resonance imaging scanners in the country has soared from just a handful in 1980 to close to 13,000 today. As magnets have quadrupled in power, careless accidents have become a significant concern. All users of the UCSB MRI are required to undergo safety training. Please start by viewing the magnet safety video and the ear plug placement video found at the bottom of this page.

Application Form

The BIC is a core resource for all faculty and faculty sponsored students at UCSB. In addition, faculty from other institutions may purchase time on the scanner in collaboration with local UCSB faculty. The BIC operates as a cost center, with all studies billed at hourly rates set by the UCSB rate and recharge committee on a yearly basis. Current rates are listed below. While most studies are supported by extramural funding there is also pilot funding for new projects that is supported by the College of Letters & Science endowment. Pilot projects are reviewed by the BIC research committee. The application to use the BIC for both funded and pilot projects is the same. Download the application form. (PDF document).



Changing Source of Funding: The Addendum Form allows researchers to request a change in the source of funding for the approved research project. This may include updating funding details, indicating new funding sources or removing previously listed funding sources.
The Addendum Form is not intended for making changes to the research design, study  procedures, participant recruitment methods or any other aspects beyond adding/removing researchers and changing funding sources. Any substantial modifications to the research project must go through the regular IRB approval process and may require submitting a new application for consideration.

Download the addendum form (PDF document).

Addendum Form

Operating Procedures

Please read the Brain Imaging Center standard operating procedures.

Download the BIC Operating Procedures. (PDF document).

Human Subjects

Please read and fill out the Human Subjects Consent Template form. (Word document)

Video Walkthrough

For your safety, before using the BIC for your own research, there is a requirement to attend a brief safety walkthrough of the facility and view a safety video (30 minutes total). For those with limited schedules, the video can be signed out to be watched on their own time. (Safety walkthrough is still required). Call (805) 893-5235 for scheduling.

Magnet Screening Form

All subjects and researchers that will be scanned must complete and return this Magnet Screening Form (PDF document) to the BIC administrator.

BIC Magnet Screening Form




Scheduling Usage

Scanner times are scheduled on google calendar. Time slots are flexible, from 1 to 4 hours depending on the protocol. Scheduling priority is given to funded projects. It is possible to arrange for "block" scheduling over multiple days. Studies are scheduled during the first week of each calendar month for the following month (Oct 1 we start to schedule for Nov 1). Send request to access calendar to

Usage Rate

RECENTLY UPDATED: Effective 4/1/2023 the hourly rate for internal users will increase from $600 to $615. Effective 7/1/23 it moves to $700 and 7/1/24 it goes to $735. The external rate (non-UCSB faculty) will be $1200, effective 4/1/2023.

Operator Training

It is possible to be trained to operate the scanner without an MRI technician present. To schedule operating training, send email to Note that independent scanning must be done in teams of two or more.

Siemens MRI Magnet Safety Video

(Video will take few seconds to load. Mouse over video and click on play button.)

A Spanish version of the magnet safety video can be found here:

3M Earplug Safety Video